I am lost without you

Darkness and light,

Strength and courage,

Fear and Pain,

Constructs of the human brain.

Wisdom and Knowledge,

Power and Control,

Money and Wealth,

Still won’t give us Health.

Passion and Love,

Love and Hope,

Hope and trust,

Just because we lust?

Fear what we know,

Hate what we don’t,

Don’t ever let it show,

Locked up inside,

Keep it hidden,

Don’t ever admit,

You were smitten,

People are cruel,

Hearts are dark,

Let’s all just tear each other apart!

Confusion and Fear,

Do not disappear,

Only when love,

Comes very near,

We want to know,

Where it will go,

But how can we,

If we won’t let go!

I’ll miss you this day,

I’ll miss you this way,

You had a choice,

You chose, not to stay.

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