Waiting – Demons

Within the flesh on my body it scratches the surface. Within the recesses of my mind, it waits to find. Unknown are the shapes and forms it takes, but I know it lies there in wait.

I can feel it consuming my soul, dragging me into darkness, the more I fight the harder it holds. No-one can ever know what this cruel creature stole. From me: my light, my joy, my life, all fleeting like ships that pass in the night. Silent as they go, nobody will ever know, just what this cruel creature stole.

At night when I’m alone I can hear the sound of its wretched drone. The tone bleaches out all the known and reminds me I am not alone! It is intertwined deep within my bones… waiting.

The darkness will consume the last and I, I will be but a flicker of the past. The fight only makes it stronger and I weaker. It is time that I become like a streaker and run naked across life hoping to incite a roar of passion within what is left of my soul.
I am now learning just what this creature stole.

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