On the other side you say you will wait, but I am not permitted through the gate!
How then do I surpass this wall? Is my only means to fall?

Why do you always stay out of arms reach, that’s all you ever preach. Reach for me here, stretch for me there….but how do I know you really care! I try so hard to have faith but honestly, I think I am just lost and feel unsafe! I want I need to feel secure and yet when it comes to you that’s all just obscure.

You say you’re just on the other side and that soon we will meet, but only if I meet…your requirements.

I am not a tool to be used or measured. I no longer fight for or crave your pleasures. I am becoming my own life, finding my own troubles and strife’s.

In hindsight I realise I no longer want, maybe you already knew and that’s why I was not allowed through the gate!


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