The torture of Tears

My tears have been gone, for years.

People come and people go but no-one would ever know. These eyes shed not a drop, a drip or even the remotest slip. No water, no salt nor swelling of lip.

There is death all around; adults, children, animals…still…no tears. All types of people have died over the years. Some that matter, some that don’t, either way they still won’t.

What does it take to shed a tear; not love or even fear? Pain is forced, therefor not distinguishable enough to call truth. So what then is still aloof?

Oh lord, Oh god, Oh ye who hath divine. Why torture me this way, what price must I pay? Just to shed a tear.

I want to cry and fill the room with sorrow! I want to let it all out so that I can be free tomorrow. This burden I carry, it won’t leave my side. I swear it is friends with my demons inside.

Please, please please, let me release this pain, I can’t stand much more of the same.

I want to cry, or if not, then let me die…this sorrow, this pain, this shame, it’s all the same and little by little it’s driving me insane…



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