Society dictates many things in our lives, from the jobs we have, the grades we achieve in academia to the food we eat and the clothing we wear. Society has indoctrinated us into this globally established cult, where by we believe in false prophets and their prophecies; Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellors, our so called leaders of the world dictate to us how we should and can live within the remits, or confines of their predecessors rules.

What else makes such a claim about our lives?


Ironically, if we consider from a biblical perspective how we should live our lives we can easily see that there are rules within all religious denominations. Yes! lots are similar however, have you ever noticed the variations. Take sharia law, dictating the oppression of women within the Islamic faith, was that really prophet Mohammed’s guidance from god that caused such evocative commitment by a populace so ready to give their lives on the premise of reaching the promised land or, was that the misgiving of man.

Unfortunately, people are too ready to negate responsibility. Too many people shudder at the notion of being blamed or taking accusation for acts that may or may not have been committed by them. However, is this not a bizarre concept? People being fearful of the accusatory  nature of our fellow man, our brothers and sisters in life choose to throw us under the bus  because they are fearful of how others will judge them.

Our sense of humanity is lost: we spend so much of our time with unnecessary things! Idolizing people who are no better or worse than ourselves yet we worship them like deities. Why do people allow this to consume their lives, does nobody notice that we are being controlled and lead like sheep?

The government make claims that they are protecting their people, the interests and welfare of the state but…when was the last time you saw the benefit of their actions. When was the last time you felt like your home, your country was at peace within it’s self? and why is it that every time someone does actively try to speak up they are silenced by these powerful adversaries who claim to be our protectorates. Are we not humanity? are we not worthy of a voice? these controlling voices keep us down and subjugate us through their own deviancy.

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