The Conscious Unconsciousness

The pleasantries of human sub consciousness, it lured him deeper and deeper into the depths of his mind. With every pleasure he fell further and further away from reality, unawares that he was ripe for the taking. In reality, he was simply lying in bed just like any other night. This time though, he looked fragile. It had been a long week; the daily grind had worn him down. The seemingly endless hours at the office, doing the work that paid little and gaining no respect for it. He was just there; existing: it was like he wasn’t there at all. Did anyone ever notice him or the amount of hours of paperwork he completed for his peers? He would say no, yet, someone was very aware of his existence, aware of his potential, his brilliance in the cold light of day where man is said to be strongest. He was noticed; just not by anyone that he himself took notice of.

He had no control over his body whilst floating through his unconscious fantasy. Just as he was hitting the bottom he became aware of his own unconsciousness. Suddenly, he was floundering around like a child who had just been thrown into the deep end of the adult’s swimming pool. He looked down, the bottom he had just reached fell from under him, as fast as the floor dropped, the voices awoke.

They were whispers at first, an incomprehensible language, what do they want he thought. What is going on he though…they got louder… way into the distance where the precipice of existence dwelled these voices bellowed like a drum. Although he had no idea of what they were shouting something within him felt both drawn to them and fearful of their resonance. He was still in the pool, unable to find stability, still floundering yet fully aware of his own existence in this place. He was confused and scared: Where am I? What is happening? Nothing was making sense. His consciousness was trying to make sense of this reality whilst maintaining awareness of any predatory dangers externally.

His heart rate elevated, body started to sweat, the fear was growing, his uneasiness shown through nervous involuntary body ticks. He was still in the pool, trying to swim but he couldn’t. He felt bogged down, as though he was being held in place. Not in control of this situation, he was at the mercy of his own mind. What was going on! He wondered if he was awake or sleeping. His sense of reality had altered to his current situation. His mind had been forced to leave its defences at the door in order to rescue his consciousness from the bleak depths of a swimming pool.

By now, I assume you know that the pool is a metaphor for the vast ocean that is life, simply an example in which many can relate. The floundering is in fact illustrative of the body’s own mechanics hard at work. Lying in bed sweating, suffocated by our own duvet’s, floundering around trying to find balance (comfort in bed). Lastly, the voices: ‘their resonance’…it’s not voices in the distance in the colloquial sense. It is simply ones alarm causing our subconscious mind to rouse into the conscious world and in doing so that moment of clarity is revealed in which we are aware of our own dreams, our own self.

But wait, who is the watcher? The watcher is you, me, us, they, everyone.

And, this is the point. People are too quick to forget who they are, too quick to judge or blame. People forget that we are our own keepers, responsible for ourselves and the life we lead. We are both the navigator and the captain of our own vessels. So why, why do lose sight of this so easily?

To Be Continued. (the story will continue later)

I think the answer can be as simple or as complex as we make it. If I were to break it down for you I’d say that we lose sight simply because we have become lazy disenchanted and ever so complacent. Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher and military strategist once said that if we stopped trying to leave, we would arrive. If we stopped seeking, we would see and if we stopped running away, we would be found.’ This is an apt statement for the human species. We have advanced so far so quickly, maybe we are digging our own graves already, these advancements come at the cost of our home; not locally, but universally. Global catastrophes are a thing of today, not the future, we are here now. Many of the earth’s landmasses were formed through fire and brimstone, the result of a violent causality caused by volcanic assimilation. So why then have we just blasted our way through existence with only a minority actively caring for our home?

The notion of self-destruction is so real and so much a reality that instead of acknowledging it. We laugh and shrug it off and say ‘I will be long dead before that happens’ or ‘what can I do!!’ or the best answer is quite often the most hilarious ‘I recycle’ whilst driving your car and on your mobile phone…

People ignore the cause and causality of their actions. Why?

For me, the answer can be found in our own selfish desensitisation. We take it for granted. Existence, is no longer a gift but a right that we all lay claim to. People, like the individual in the short story often find themselves struggling within their own subconscious mind, which causes manifestations in our dreams and or reality. This is because as a race we are unique, we are able to think on an individual level and as a collective, we have choice. Whether that is free will or not is a completely different argument which we may encroach upon at a later date.

To Be Continued…






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