Childhood Confession 1 – At the farm.

When I was around 8 years old, I used to work on a farm. Yes, I know an 8 year old boy can do very little on a farm in the way of working but I had a lot of energy and the farmer was happy to let me run around picking his potatoes and throwing them on the pile. Menial jobs but I got paid for it and I loved it at that age.Plus he has a pool table and a lot of milkshakes, eggs and rolls in the large refrigerator. I am acutely aware that this is starting to sound like a precursor for some paedophilia confession but I assure you it is not.

At that ripe young age I was very hard working and eager because I did not want to go home and I had more fun working than I did hanging around the streets with my friends. Gradually, the farmer started to trust me and give me more tasks to complete which I did at a speedy rate (that does include cleaning cow shit).

Now, as a young lad I got access to a quad bike on the farm and because I loved the adrenaline rush from going fast I always wanted to be on the ‘4 wheeler death machine’. One day I decided to be proactive (really, I just stole the quad) and go chase the cows into another field. However, as I was feeling the excitement of the speed and the danger I did not really pay attention to the risks involved or the fact that I barely knew how to control the bike at high speeds and so my brush with death began…

If you want to know what happens, please check out my confessions Youtube channel via this link where I talk through the event Childhood Confessions 1

I am relatively new to all this so I apologise for any disappointments in advance. The Blog will have full written material for various features depending on the topic.


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