It’s like the plague,
It sets in slowly, then festers,
It begins to spread and consume,
One at a time, victims fall to her,
Prey for the furnace, to warm her frozen heart.

It’s like a box, it can be filled with all sorts of wonderful things.
It can also be filled with a lot of horrible things.
Like lies, pain, anger, demons.
Space can be full or empty,
Of warm or cold.
Something new or something old.
Space can be filled with hope and love and faith…
Space can also be filled with loneliness, a void so dark and endless that time itself appears to stop.
It can be all consuming, all knowing, all giving, all alone.

The Unknown
What is in your mind, your heart your soul?
What voice speaks to you at night telling you to run?
What did I do wrong?
Why do you come back?
Why do I say yes?
Why do I feel?
You said yes, you started to feel.
You stop showing affection, are you scared?
You ask me what is wrong, but don’t really care.
You tell me you don’t want me anymore.
You just want to be friends.
You miss me.
Your Gone now,
I’m alone, I can deal with that.
I have dealt with that my whole life.
I Don’t need anybody to fill my space.
Why can’t I get you off my mind?
Why do I still want you?
Why do I care?
Your still gone,
I realised, I am capable of dealing with anything
Not knowing what changed, not knowing enough to see it coming.
Not knowing why, I let you back in.
Not knowing myself.
That’s worse than anything.

A walk-through emotions and recollection of when someone leaves you unexpectedly, unknowingly, unloving. It is not the absence, or even the space but it is the unknown that causes us to be the most perplexed, angry, hurt.

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