You confuse me!


It started with me not caring, it was a thing of the past. I knew I could walk away…but you wanted more time with me, and I agreed even though at the time I didn’t because it was always to smoke. But something changed, I think you know when 😊 we were both just there in that moment and then you started telling me you care and maybe I got scared because I didn’t really say much. I assumed it was the high but now I don’t know why…I question so much, and you say nothing.

I have done everything you asked me to and still you want more, I offer it all and then you got scared. You asked me if I wanted to date you, I thought it was a trick question…I say yes, you say no kind of thing! After all, neither of us were in our right mind. You were stood on a bench (I’d like to say) I was looking hench but that is only because I wanted the rhyme it just flows easier in my mind. I am going off track, I been smoking a lot.

Maybe, I didn’t say the right thing at the right time and oh god I wish I had, because now things are bad. Were so far apart, the not knowing what has happened or why is driving me insane. I can deal with almost any pain, but this is brutal.

Just an explanation or two, after all, it feels like you tricked me into loving you.

Just tell me the truth, all of it raw. Understanding is what gives closure or hope and even if it just hurts it is better that the silence, that echoes no words. For someone who enjoyed the expressive, you’re not very expressive.
You might never read this, feel this, need this but I believe this, we can be better, we just need to talk. Nothing bad really happened, you just got scared and I don’t know why, Shortie.

Let me speculate, the past was bad. You got used and hurt then put your walls up. You got stubborn and cold but ran into the fold. You started to get revenge, but the darkness consumed you.

Then you were lost but I found you. Through the shadows and the myst, I reached into the darkness and pulled you closer to the light but that gave you a fright: so, you ran.

I wanted to be your man, to comfort, hold and respect you. I would have walked through hell just to reach you and destroyed all in my wake just to break, the chains that bind you, confine you, hold you down.

But what do I know, I am just high, reaching the sky about to cry, I don’t know why, this got to me so much…

This was originally a 1-sided plea to someone that you were with and grew to want but they have just up and left after building you up. However, it started turning into more of a rap. Though I had no artist intended I started hearing M&M in my head and some of his beats came to my head. So, I wrote in a slight mash of style but bare that in mind, I did after all right this while high.

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