In public.

Walking around in a crowded space,
So lonely and out of place.
You don’t see me.

Drifting between the lines, floating amidst the noise.
One could argue, I am poised.
Keeping a straight face, I feel the well filling.
No point in letting it over spilling.

I turn my back and stare at the heavens, praying for it all to end.
I only wish you could comprehend.
The dichotomy of our lives, so far yet so near,
Why do I live in fear?

The well recedes, I turn and stare
But no one noticed or even cared.
Alone like before among the masses
I silently wait until this life passes.

I must walk away from it all right now
Before I start screaming aloud,
What happened to the days I stood tall and proud.
They are gone but I am not
Just a little food, for thought!

I spend a lot of time people watching and wondering about the lives everyone leads, so varied and yet the same. We can all laugh and smile yet we hide the shame and pain. I wonder why we are afraid to let go of all the hurt we all surely know. Look next time you’re out and consider this:

“In our happiest moments there will always be a shadow lurking and waiting for us to slip or fall. Counter to that, in our darkest moments we can learn some of life’s most valuable lessons. Although both are very true, please just remember, there are those that have it worse than you! Yet stand tall they do, refusing to give up and fall they fight for life, love, and freedom. Please remember never to take for granted a simple smile in a crowded space because no matter the place, nobody truly knows what lies behind the face. Help each other and be kind.

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