Memories of us.

Some days, I stare at the clouds and wonder where you are.
I wonder whether you are happy, whether you think of me.
Our time was short, our paths split in the woods.

You left, and I stayed, but I always prayed.
That one day our paths would cross again,
Just like it did back then.

Would you even recognise me, or I you?
The memory of us still haunts me,
A ghost in the past often said we wouldn’t last
But I always thought it was because of the cast.
Infused by the voices of others,
Of our love and beauty intertwined,
I honestly thought we were bound for all of time.


We have both grown, travelled in different directions.
The world grows smaller, more connections.
One day maybe,
we will find a link,
Both stop and think, of that time and place.
Where we loved, where we were us,
Fighting against the difference,
Of culture and the human existence.
It would be nice to see your face, even if not your embrace.
To see you smile, hear your voice for a while,
And recall those times that you were mine.

Everyone needs time to reflect, to learn. If we do not take it then how do we avoid making the same mistakes. That is in part what this poem is about, remembering the people we have loved, lost, hurt, been hurt by and all of the influences from external factors which contort our own views and emotions.

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