The mortality of our future.

Religion, science, it is all the same.
They all make their grand claims.
Who started this, what created that.

We seek answers to it all, yet we are on the brink of fall [ing].
What use is the answer, we cannot control ourselves,
We are all doomed far below hell.

Stop fighting the future and let it come.
Focus on the now and save us all.
Can’t you see, we are the destruction of all.

You want us to soar,
higher than the heavens above,
But, wont we just consume all that is.

Do not tempt us with universes and enlightenment,
But deliver us from ourselves, free of sin.
Combine what we know and let the world show.
Humanity can exist without the above and below.

Save ourselves, save our world, save it all
Because if we don’t, all the rest will fall.
We have lost sight and chose to fight.

What are we fighting, against who? And for what?
We are like cockroaches, simple in our plight,
Yet survive everything in sight.

A species who endure, sounds nice.
But we are enduring our own fight.
Cease the fight and do what is right,
Save ourselves and the light.
Once the darkness is extinguished,
We can spend eternity in the right.

I wrote this as I often contemplate humanity and the struggle we have with our own mortality. We spend so much time trying to find the answers to things we need not rush, yet we ignore the things we could set right. It is typical of human beings to ignore things they find too difficult but when you consider things like mass hunger and poverty it is frustrating to see that we are ignoring our global family and trying to source a whole new world to consume. I wonder, who will be privileged enough to go there, you? Me? Or the global elite? What do you think?

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