People often call me crazy,
But crazy is such a loose term.
Do I have problems?
Yes, yes, I do… but so do you!
Just because we are different,
does not mean we are not the same.

Your world revolves around you,
My world revolves around everything.
You don’t understand,
I don’t want it.
It is just there,
in my head.
Floating around until I’m dead,
dead on my knees begging for release.

I reach for the knife,
remembering that night,
The night I lost my mind,
consumed by the rage.
My head is a mess,
but it won’t be if I’m dead.

Tonight, is not mine,
I have lost this fight.
I surrender to your will,
consume me with your fire.
We will awake together tomorrow.

On those nights where it is all just a bit to much and we recede into the darkest corners of our social selves and find the demons to play with. I wanted to convey a struggle during a night cycle through the lens of depression and the battle that sufferers face every single day and night, again out of sight.

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