I used to dream, so long ago.
I remember, they asked me to stop dreaming.
My peers, my teachers, my family.

I was always in a world of my own, finding hope and happiness.
The possibilities were endless, I could see, smell and taste the future.
Premonitions of things yet to come, but nobody listened.

I often saw the events and knew where they lead,
But everyone thought it was just in my head.
The time came and again I was right,
Nobody likes a smart ass.

Why does the future lie in my head?
The visions of lives and futures ahead,
Troubles and strife’s, life and death.

The day is now, and time is here,
when I no longer have the fear.
Gone are the days of dreams and premonitions.

Here is a shell, with no resident in sight.
What is the point of a useless life.
Existence forced to be obsolete,
does that explain why I feel so incomplete?

Standing at the window, watching the world go by. I started day dreaming and thinking about why, why it had been so long since I recalled a dream or dreamt actively. This poem, conveys a part of the past in which I was becoming something more than just a boy, through study and meditation I was becoming enlightened, yet, everyone around me was so stagnant they could not see and that scared them because a boy could never hope to understand the adult world, or so it used to be!

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