Overcome the dark

I want to be free, free of this pain.
The sadness takes away the light,
But loneliness is far from sight.

I stare out the window, remembering that day.
The day you stole my heart away.
You walked into my life and destroyed my soul.

Nigh Is the darkness, far is the light,
But I will fight, fight, fight.
Try with my might, overcome the dark.

Run headlong into the light,
Arms stretched wide,
I have won my fight.

The day is bright,
the dark is night,
I don’t care I won this fight.

When dealing with depression, it is all to often easy to switch from being positive to complete oblivion. This poem is a nightly remembrance of the demons we all fight with before and during our bedtime routines and night cycles. Although it is often a struggle, each and every time we fight, it is often out of sight and so nobody sees our torturer…hence we often feel so alone.

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