Sodom and Gomorrah

The fire within, rages through the night.
The anger is growing, consuming the light.
I am ready to explode and destroy everything in sight.

I watch these people all around,
They have no idea what I see,
Fire, brimstone, destruction –
The rage in me wants to destroy it all.

I hate them all, with their simple minds,
Laughing, loving, gleefully playing.
I want it all to fall.

To end this life, to end this existence,
Give it all back, to a time –
Where it never existed.

We are the plague and the cure,
Ow the temptation and the allure.
I know you hear my plight, you have already done this once upon a time.

Sodom and Gomorrah isn’t that right, you destroyed it all out of sight.
I recall your distaste at the sin of man, yet everyone says you have a plan.
Maybe you did, who really knows, but –
It looks like even you got bored.

A rage burns deep within my soul, often subdued by the many sides of life I consistently endure. However, on occasion the darkness seeps in and the demon within comes raging out. It is so hard to control yet none ever know. I keep it hidden from them all. The irony here is that It causes me to consider why people go on to commit mass shooting or killings in general and I on some level feel that I understand it, maybe that makes me psychotic, I don’t know. However, in recognising this I realise that humanity is such a flawed, on edge species. We are constantly looking for more, greedy as can be. Hence, we are the plague and the cure. We will be our own destroyers. 

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