A perception on consumerism and relationships

I have always interpreted the world differently from my peers,
The often think I am crazy,
I saw different links, connections with things that others think don’t exist.
Let me tell give you an anecdote.
Buying meat from a supermarket compared to a butcher is visibly different.
Take the butcher meat and the supermarket meat, let them both cook on a frying pan, medium to high heat.
Do you see it? Of course, we all know this.


Now I want you to think about the psychology behind it all.
Pump the meat full of shit – people eating less meat thus consuming more overall, meaning they buy more products and increase their consumerist mentality and submissive nature.
Conforming to the twisted delusions of profiteers, power, and control within a capitalist driven economy.


The butcher’s meat, so rich so full of actual meat free of chemicals. Cook it, keep the meat, consume, satisfied, full. Happy, energy- full of life…spending a little more then a little less, eating a little less and not over buying or being so consumer focused.

Now take this theory, apply it to anything such as relationships. Let me show you.

Where supermarket meat becomes quantity, butcher meat becomes quality, easy right?

People are not fulfilled by simply meeting multiple people and having relations, thus they consume more and begin to erode their own basic values and begin adopting a single alpha mentality. Which, if we all do this, where does that leave child rearing, abortion, families, xmas, etc etc. Also, a version of being a consumer as that is you consuming more than you need.

Let’s look at the quality, you meet someone, you talk, you get to know them, you decide how you feel, whether you like them enough, you date a while, you communicate, it grows or you part ways. How is this like a butcher’s meat? Let me explain. Quality meat fills you up, without the need to consume a lot. Quality people, fulfil you both emotionally and physically without the need to consume everything in sight, we just need to enjoy the cooking process. Well, that is the condensed version.

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