Shadow of jelousy

The sadness grows, no end in sight,
The shadows awaken, lusting for blood,
Screeching at the edges, crawling up my skin.

It grows with your voice in my head.
Like oil to a flame, I am on fire,
The rage burning on ready to engulf.

I saw your face, ignoring my embrace,
And the monster erupted,
From the shadows like a beast of the night,
It consumed all insight,
Fight I try, but cannot resist,
The strength of its will, I am weak.
It is here now, no end in sight,
It laughs, I laugh, there is no point now,
It laughs, I laugh, we are one, we are the same.

A fickle thing that is the land of a dream,
Of beauty and prosperity, we desire.
We conspire all types of whims and woes,
Only because nobody knows.

A transcript of awe, of honour and valour,
Or a tale of might, lust, and desire,
Forbade the entrance, I have since been,
For my land of dreams,
Is but dark and gleam.

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