fighting yourself

For so long the demon slept peacefully, letting the rider live free.
But in one action it came to reap. To take that which I wanted to keep,
it quivers through my flesh like a starved infection. I fight to suppress the rage it brings to bare, yet, it does not care.

The knife is what it knows, blood is what it seeks but I cannot keep…

I tried to keep it caged, to let the rider live but now even I cannot forgive. Part of me wants to open the door, letting it spill blood all over the floor.
To let the animal loose and watch it devour. But…I cannot. It has no limit, nor boundary nor noose, if it gets loose there will no longer be a truce.

It will consume me and you and they each and every day until the blood is wiped away and so I sit here and pray that I can somehow find the strength to keep it at bay, if only for one more day…

Please, let me stay…

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