One Drop.

One drop becomes two.
Those two become one.
The fluid movement of yourself the only release from the torment.
Behind closed doors the eyes cannot see.
Behind the walls no-one can escape.
Crawling under the skin, keeping alive the soul.

Through its flow resides a life, but its fleeting under the knife.
The wounds that cannot be seen emit their own voice.
Dragging you deeper into that void.
Remember to smile because it won’t be your last, you cannot escape your past.

Those nights alone you wonder why?
Because, nobody can hear you cry.
You reside in the dark toying with your broken heart.
Thinking its one of god’s art, you wonder!
When can I depart.

Fighting though we do in life, through all the troubles and strife,
We come back to this moment.
One drop becomes two.
Two drops become one.

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