Stop and Think

Silence, a mask of stillness that tells a thousand tales.
The words, truths untold, lies lost in the vastness of time.
The heart, misguided by deception, trapped by the pulsating longing to be whole.
The person, lost in the void, lacking the sight to foretell their own path.

Lost in the vastness of space we seek out that which we cannot find. The path we aim to travel is true to our heart but not to our nature.
Stirring up an eternal war of inner chaos we fight external and internal pursuers.
The troubled child seeks a guiding hand where none are to be found.
Searching the darkest corners hoping for light, there can be nothing with which to shine.
Through the alley of time the walls close in, narrowing the path with which to find that which is said to transcend even time.
Coming to the end, we learn that which we sought to find was never in front, rather, it was behind.
At the beginning where we started when that light shone so bright.
We took our first breath, we opened our eyes and thus we truly became that which was alive.
The light we long to find that brings purpose into our life, again, is not in front, rather, it is behind.

Stop and think!

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