Life in flow

I am not angry.
I am peaceful.
I am like a river which flows across the land, ebbing and crashing, reshaping the world through my emotion.
The landscape is moulded by my movements.
The ebb and flow of my soul guides me to new lands, creating new paths from which new experiences can be gained.
Like a fire,I rage through the roughest terrain.
I destroy and remove the strong and unyielding.
I eliminate all that stands in my way, without compromise, without forgiveness.
An insurmountable rage burns through the anguish, the raw emotion intertwined with the soul.
The rebirth,
Born from the ashes, life begins to rebuild, create a new that which is destroyed, dismayed and turned to dust.
The life that flows offers new grounds, sweeping way the layers of ash that corrupt and suffocate.
It reinvigorates the green, populating the lands, the seas and the sky affording all those on high the promise of a new life.

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