I am me and you are you.

I bleed red, and so do you.
I love wholly, and so do you.
I am a survivor, and so are you.

I am a fire that rages through the storm, whilst you are the river that calms me.

You are the web of love, lies and deceit, while i am the spider that longs to eat.

Though our paths will no longer mingle, my body and soul will continue to tingle.

A desire so rare, that none can compare, stripping us bare, while others stare, its no longer fair.

My soul cries for you my body aches, the demons rage through my blood.

Yet, i saw this coming a torture so pure and fine, i guess i already knew – you were never mine.

I’ve been here before, it wasn’t fun back then either, probably not for you either. But, here we are at heavens gate, weighing and measuring our mistakes. Was this all really down to fate?

A test of our courage and or our resolve to follow our hearts despite always being apart. I don’t know and neither do you but either way I’ll always be here for you.

I’ll fight the storm and brave the seas just to know that you are free.

Free… From me.

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