A fateful encounter.

If you could be mine for just one night, I’d show you a world full and free of fright.

A passion so right that wrongs would be forgot and only the moment would exist.

A minute or an hour, it wouldn’t matter. Lost in the heat of our conceit, we would know it could never keep.

Keep us away from that which we bare, of heartache and despair. We both know it’s not fair. Yet, we both feel the urge to stand and stare.

Into the abyss of the eyes of lust, we know that we must. Be true to our hearts our pains and desires for what we know needs to transpire can only lead to an explosion of our desire.

A desire so pure, fated in the stars, it will not matter how far apart we are.

The rawness of our skin, of flames burning to the bone. Like a chill that only we’ve ever known. No-one could match the demon that we could have sown.

An intense longing of both belonging to the moment, to the night and that fateful fright. We both know that it is right… If only for a night!

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