The part you don’t see.

I give you flowers and smile politely,
I am gentle like a feather brushing against your face,
The effort it takes should be none at all,
But for me it is the hardest of all.

I want to give you the best,
I’m scared you won’t accept any less,
Inside, I break a little each day,
Because I try, try and try,
To be the right kinda guy.
But, no matter what I do,
You don’t look at me the way I do you,
I think I already know the truth.

The grand illusion of mind and soul,
Craving that which can’t be stole,
I thought it was you who could make me whole,
So, I became an empty black hole.

Lost in myself, in the torture of your beauty,
I hid from view, all that I knew to be true.

The scared little boy that longs to be loved,
Forgot to love himself too.

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