The part you don’t see.

I give you flowers and smile politely,
I am gentle like a feather brushing against your face,
The effort it takes should be none at all,
But for me it is the hardest of all.

I want to give you the best,
I’m scared you won’t accept any less,
Inside, I break a little each day,
Because I try, try and try,
To be the right kinda guy.
But, no matter what I do,
You don’t look at me the way I do you,
I think I already know the truth.

The grand illusion of mind and soul,
Craving that which can’t be stole,
I thought it was you who could make me whole,
So, I became an empty black hole.

Lost in myself, in the torture of your beauty,
I hid from view, all that I knew to be true.

The scared little boy that longs to be loved,
Forgot to love himself too.

A fateful encounter.

If you could be mine for just one night, I’d show you a world full and free of fright.

A passion so right that wrongs would be forgot and only the moment would exist.

A minute or an hour, it wouldn’t matter. Lost in the heat of our conceit, we would know it could never keep.

Keep us away from that which we bare, of heartache and despair. We both know it’s not fair. Yet, we both feel the urge to stand and stare.

Into the abyss of the eyes of lust, we know that we must. Be true to our hearts our pains and desires for what we know needs to transpire can only lead to an explosion of our desire.

A desire so pure, fated in the stars, it will not matter how far apart we are.

The rawness of our skin, of flames burning to the bone. Like a chill that only we’ve ever known. No-one could match the demon that we could have sown.

An intense longing of both belonging to the moment, to the night and that fateful fright. We both know that it is right… If only for a night!

I am me and you are you.

I bleed red, and so do you.
I love wholly, and so do you.
I am a survivor, and so are you.

I am a fire that rages through the storm, whilst you are the river that calms me.

You are the web of love, lies and deceit, while i am the spider that longs to eat.

Though our paths will no longer mingle, my body and soul will continue to tingle.

A desire so rare, that none can compare, stripping us bare, while others stare, its no longer fair.

My soul cries for you my body aches, the demons rage through my blood.

Yet, i saw this coming a torture so pure and fine, i guess i already knew – you were never mine.

I’ve been here before, it wasn’t fun back then either, probably not for you either. But, here we are at heavens gate, weighing and measuring our mistakes. Was this all really down to fate?

A test of our courage and or our resolve to follow our hearts despite always being apart. I don’t know and neither do you but either way I’ll always be here for you.

I’ll fight the storm and brave the seas just to know that you are free.

Free… From me.

Life in flow

I am not angry.
I am peaceful.
I am like a river which flows across the land, ebbing and crashing, reshaping the world through my emotion.
The landscape is moulded by my movements.
The ebb and flow of my soul guides me to new lands, creating new paths from which new experiences can be gained.
Like a fire,I rage through the roughest terrain.
I destroy and remove the strong and unyielding.
I eliminate all that stands in my way, without compromise, without forgiveness.
An insurmountable rage burns through the anguish, the raw emotion intertwined with the soul.
The rebirth,
Born from the ashes, life begins to rebuild, create a new that which is destroyed, dismayed and turned to dust.
The life that flows offers new grounds, sweeping way the layers of ash that corrupt and suffocate.
It reinvigorates the green, populating the lands, the seas and the sky affording all those on high the promise of a new life.

Stop and Think

Silence, a mask of stillness that tells a thousand tales.
The words, truths untold, lies lost in the vastness of time.
The heart, misguided by deception, trapped by the pulsating longing to be whole.
The person, lost in the void, lacking the sight to foretell their own path.

Lost in the vastness of space we seek out that which we cannot find. The path we aim to travel is true to our heart but not to our nature.
Stirring up an eternal war of inner chaos we fight external and internal pursuers.
The troubled child seeks a guiding hand where none are to be found.
Searching the darkest corners hoping for light, there can be nothing with which to shine.
Through the alley of time the walls close in, narrowing the path with which to find that which is said to transcend even time.
Coming to the end, we learn that which we sought to find was never in front, rather, it was behind.
At the beginning where we started when that light shone so bright.
We took our first breath, we opened our eyes and thus we truly became that which was alive.
The light we long to find that brings purpose into our life, again, is not in front, rather, it is behind.

Stop and think!

One Drop.

One drop becomes two.
Those two become one.
The fluid movement of yourself the only release from the torment.
Behind closed doors the eyes cannot see.
Behind the walls no-one can escape.
Crawling under the skin, keeping alive the soul.

Through its flow resides a life, but its fleeting under the knife.
The wounds that cannot be seen emit their own voice.
Dragging you deeper into that void.
Remember to smile because it won’t be your last, you cannot escape your past.

Those nights alone you wonder why?
Because, nobody can hear you cry.
You reside in the dark toying with your broken heart.
Thinking its one of god’s art, you wonder!
When can I depart.

Fighting though we do in life, through all the troubles and strife,
We come back to this moment.
One drop becomes two.
Two drops become one.

fighting yourself

For so long the demon slept peacefully, letting the rider live free.
But in one action it came to reap. To take that which I wanted to keep,
it quivers through my flesh like a starved infection. I fight to suppress the rage it brings to bare, yet, it does not care.

The knife is what it knows, blood is what it seeks but I cannot keep…

I tried to keep it caged, to let the rider live but now even I cannot forgive. Part of me wants to open the door, letting it spill blood all over the floor.
To let the animal loose and watch it devour. But…I cannot. It has no limit, nor boundary nor noose, if it gets loose there will no longer be a truce.

It will consume me and you and they each and every day until the blood is wiped away and so I sit here and pray that I can somehow find the strength to keep it at bay, if only for one more day…

Please, let me stay…

Shadow of jelousy

The sadness grows, no end in sight,
The shadows awaken, lusting for blood,
Screeching at the edges, crawling up my skin.

It grows with your voice in my head.
Like oil to a flame, I am on fire,
The rage burning on ready to engulf.

I saw your face, ignoring my embrace,
And the monster erupted,
From the shadows like a beast of the night,
It consumed all insight,
Fight I try, but cannot resist,
The strength of its will, I am weak.
It is here now, no end in sight,
It laughs, I laugh, there is no point now,
It laughs, I laugh, we are one, we are the same.

A fickle thing that is the land of a dream,
Of beauty and prosperity, we desire.
We conspire all types of whims and woes,
Only because nobody knows.

A transcript of awe, of honour and valour,
Or a tale of might, lust, and desire,
Forbade the entrance, I have since been,
For my land of dreams,
Is but dark and gleam.