Having worked for many years and suppressed or ignored many of the thoughts and feelings I have decided that my life needed to change. I was never very good at writing diaries, or showing the better parts of my personality. That is why I am here, having met many people who share similar struggles I decided that it was time to make that change, not just in my life, but hopefully I will inspire you to make a positive change in yours.

I am 30 years old, and this, this is my journey to find a better me.

For me, this is just a place to write shorter versions of the stories and activities I have taken part in. Due to the style in which I chose to portray these events I have decided to use Multiple platforms.

Youtube: The video narrative and discussion of events as well as confessions from all aspects of living. Confessions@youtube

Instagram: Photography updates relevant to the stories: travelersconfessions

I do wish to convey that I am only just beginning my journey and I am in no way an expert at the online publishing aspect of this. However, as I am completing this journey alone, I thought it would be nice to share it with others. Please be patient with me as I figure it all out.


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